Enable normal calls

By default, Pipeable-decorated functions can only be called with >>. For example, a >> b(c=1) is the only way to run b(a, c=1).

We disable this to prevent accidental calls, in case b(c=1) is in fact a valid function call. While such accidental calls won't happen unless b accepts only named optional arguments, we chose to prioritize safety and explicit behavior over convenience.

Nonetheless, we do support the keyword argument try_normal_call_first , which can be passed to the Pipeable decorator to have objects try the normal function call first, then try the piping behavior. For Pipeable objects created in this way, we strongly suggest having one un-named positional parameter, to mitigate the above problem.

An example illustrating this behavior:

def b(a, c=1):
# Both of these will now work:
b(a, c=1)
a >> b(c=1)